The Tortoise and the Crow

I have been to a ton of shows at the Reef. Shows ranging from hip hop to dance to old jazzy crews and never have I experienced such an immediate wave of anticipation at a venue when I walked in for the Grouch and Eligh show. Pigeon John got the crowd pumped as he screamed the lyrics to his songs and danced along. His buoyant personality and stage presence engaged everyone and transitioned nicely to what we were all waiting for.

This would be my third time seeing The Grouch and Eligh live and I have to say, their live performance gets better each time. It says something about artists when their live performance is just as good or better than the songs on the albums you know and love. Nothing could stop them, not even two small squabbles that broke out in the audience because the floor was so cramped with people. Neither The Grouch nor Eligh flinched, in their own zone and bringing the house down hard for all of the fans completely involved and loving every second of it.

The Grouch and Eligh come through Boise about once a year. This year was particularly exciting because their triple cd release has just came out, called The Tortoise and the Crow. The release consists of one Grouch album, one Eligh album and a collaborative album. All three of them are classic and luckily Boise was able to get a taste of the new albums shortly after their release. I caught up with Eligh shortly before the show and here is a little of what he had to say:

Shontelle: You and Grouch started a Kickstarter for your current project The Tortoise and the Crow. The original goal was $50,000 and you reached over $90,000 by your deadline. Did you expect such a huge outpouring of support for the albums?

Eligh: I think we both had no idea what to expect. I know that I was personally a little nervous about it! But the love we were shown quickly eliminated any doubt from my mind that we have some of the best, most supportive listeners around.


eligh-300x264Shontelle: You do a lot of custom artwork. Is this form of art something you have always been particularly passionate about? Do you have any personal favorites or artists that inspire your drawings?

E: What’s crazy is up until maybe 6 months ago, I hadn’t drawn in over 3 years or so! A friend of mine told me one day that I needed to start drawing tattoo designs for people, which I thought of doing at some point before, but didn’t… So I took that as a sign to start drawing, and it’s turned into an entirely separate outlet and business for me now.

S: What are your hobbies outside of music and art? What do you do when you’re not touring or making music?

E: My hobbies outside of music, when I’m at home, I’m an active guy. I like exercising in a multitude of ways, movies, the beach, and just being with friends and loved ones.

S: You’ve been all over the world. What are your favorite places you have been to? Which are places you could see yourself settling down in?

E: Japan is still one of my favorite places. Hawaii is the one place I’ve been that I can see myself living in the future.


S: Do you think that you have had a chance to accomplish everything you have ever wanted to in music? If not what else would you like to accomplish?

E: That would be a big no! I feel like I’m personally just getting good at this. I’m not satisfied as far as how many people we’ve been able to reach with our music, I want to reach more people… and after that, scoring film is my next endeavor.

S: Has you’re writing process changed now opposed to when you started? How so?

E: I don’t think it has, except for the fact I’ve been clean for 8 years, so I write with no filter, just from the gut.

S: Favorite ice cream?

E: Coconut ice cream with chocolate chips.