Local Hip-Hop Must-Sees!

Today is the day! The sun is shining, you are up, have everything packed, and are ready to spend the next four days trekking through Downtown Boise to experience what Treefort has to offer. There are so many brilliant artists this year where do you even start? Well, if you are not the type to mosey through the massive list of artists that will be here for Treefort or just don’t have the patience/time to dig, I have the answers right here. Here is a list of local hip-hop acts that you shouldn’t miss.



Exit Prose originally started with the group Kamphire Collective. He has toured and shared the stage with the likes of artists like Blackalicious, Slightly Stoopid, Murs, and more. In 2011 he released his first solo album Sensational Woes, which keeps you nodding your head through the entire album. It effortlessly portrays the trials of the everyday man: money, life, love, and whiskey. It’s relatable, enjoyable and impressively translucent. The story lines within different tracks are great. Sensational Woes has something for everyone, from fun interactive songs like “Blame It On The Whiskey” to a little more seriousness like “Talking to the Angels,” my personal favorite.

Exit Prose will be at Spacebar tonight at 10pm. Make sure you get there and see some of our local talent.



Friday has a great lineup of local hip-hop all in one spot. I am sure bouncing from place to place isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, so Friday night The Reef is the place to be.

Customary is half of the groups The Elect, Ace and Pearl, Brass Knuckle BulliesPony Cop  and he produces. When it comes to his music he says that he is a producer first and artist second. He obviously stretches himself pretty thin. Even with all that he is involved in, it is all very impressive music. Customary has two solo albums out and two instrumental albums. He is currently working on his third solo album Compassion.

His last release Cold Drink On A Hot Day‘s production is staggeringly steezy. Each track’s instrumentals are dripping with that 90s boom bap, J Dilla era influence, and have the lyrics to back it up. A proud Christian, his lyrics and poise takes you on an uplifting journey.

Catch Customary on Friday at the Reef at 10pm. He will be performing with Dominque Berho, who is the other half and singer in their group Brass Knuckle Bullies. DJ Jason D of our very own Radio Boise hip-hop show “The Wreck,” will be on the ones and twos.



Stranger Danger has got to be my favorite new local crew. It consists of former solo MCs P Dirt and Art Maddox. P Dirt and Art Maddox have been doing their own thing for some time now. In fact Art Maddox recently released a solo album, Trying To Be Nice. The title is an interesting contradiction to the direction Maddox takes with lyrics, like “I got bad news for crews, yo your time is up. Your live show is boring and tracks are wack…” off of the track Fade to Black.

Maddox is known for his particularly original instrumentals, savage lyrics, and  brassy voice. He is an original artist if there ever was one. Mesh this with P Dirt’s more melancholy, slow flow and dark lyrics and this duo is going to be unstoppable. If you want to hear what I mean check out “Rush Hour” on the Trying To Be Nice album.

Stranger Danger will be live at the Reef on Friday at 10:35pm with physical copies of the new album. Make sure you cop that. Customary and Stranger Danger are opening for Gift of Gab so this is going to be an amazing show. Hip-hop stand up!


Those were my top three picks but there are many more dope local artists to see. Eleven has been making music and doing it right for some time now.

Dedicated Servers are an extremely energetic duo that make for a great live show. They released a new album at the end of last year.

The last group is a five man crew, including their producer. They have been working together for the last two years and are continuing to progress into their own sound. They also released an album recently called The Branchout. Illumneye’s producer just released an album as well called You Dont Have To Fake It. His choice for the album cover is hilarious. He is a talented producer, check him out. He also released an album with fellow Illumneye member Ed Able called B Bop & Rock Steady.